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Tracie emerged from a powerful collaboration between Keepers ApS and the Center for Circular Economy. Merging Keepers' prowess in finance and reporting with the Center's deep-rooted commitment to green transition, we've developed a tool made to redefine sustainable business practices. Dive into Tracie's story, where precision meets passion for a brighter, sustainable future.

Our Story

Companies are the main drivers to green transition

We believe that companies are the main drivers in the great transition to a fair, green, and circular economy. Our vision is to drive the change by facilitating the changes of our customers. We know that sustainability and business share values and that the transition will have huge impact on all of us, especially the businesses. We have high ambitions on behalf of the planet and on behalf of the businesses. The transition is complex and very knowledge intensive and change is need at all levels in the organizations. The change must be science-driven and data-driven. We assist in building the ESG-data foundation for strategic decisions, implementation and monitoring of the changes in the companies.

A global polycrisis

Companies are facing several new challenges. Some even talk about a global polycrisis situation for businesses. We believe that instability in raw material supply and prices, inflation and political shifts all are linked to our long supply chains and that sustainability will bring of new type of market economy that make it comfortable to run businesses again based on new circular value chains and new business models driven by customer demands and by legislation. 

Unique collaboration between Keepers ApS and Center for Circular Economy​

Tracie is built on a unique collaboration between Keepers and Center for Circular Economy. We onboard companies to sustainability, ESG and the new market conditions by bringing the understanding of the new legislation and market conditions to the organizations starting with management. In the ambition to save the planet there are two important stakeholders our children that will drive change on the longer run, and management that can drive change now. That requires meeting the new market conditions and developing new sustainable and circular business models. All this require knowledge and data and we provide the foundation for both.

The EU Commission has put companies as important wheels in the great transition, and we ensure that our customers meet the legislation and the future market conditions in an inner green market in EU and the new trends rapidly sprouting around the world.

Companies need ESG data for managing their businesses on the same level as with financial data today with monthly management reports, KPI’s, benchmarking and development of best practices.

Unifying Visions & Clever Solutions

Keepers ApS & Center For Cirkulær Økonomi (CCØ) are thrilled to present Tracie, an ESG Platform. This unique partnership combines the practical expertise of Keepers ApS, a leading consultancy company specialized in data analysis, CFO services, & systems, with the academic knowledge & strategic guidance of CCØ.

In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, the importance of ESG factors cannot be overstated. Tracie is designed to empower companies to navigate the ESG landscape effectively by offering a fully automated solution that integrates practical solutions with the principles of ESG.

Whether you are a small business or a multinational corporation, the Tracie ESG Platform offers a comprehensive toolkit to drive sustainable growth, enhance stakeholder trust, & align your business with the principles & legislation of ESG.

Our People

Gitte Haar

CEO & Partner

For the past 15 years, Gitte Haar has been involved in the business opportunities in the green transition, and especially in the Circular Economy. Gitte is the author of a series of books on green transition and circular economy, including the book series: Green Transition in Businesses.

Gitte has helped many Danish companies in their work with sustainability and green transition, as well as the development of new circular business models, and her books share experiences and methods developed in collaboration with companies. Today, Gitte sits on the board of companies that actively work with the global goals, sustainability, and the green transition. Gitte combines her scientific competencies with skills in economics and finance, to create a strategic anchoring of the green transition in the companies.

Gitte currently runs the Center for Circular Economy, where she helps companies get started with the green transition. Gitte Haar has published a book series on green transition in businesses, which is intended as concrete handbooks to help companies get started with the green transition, the global goals, and a deeper understanding of the climate causes. The books connect science and developed method and communicate in an easily-told manner about why, how, and when the companies should start with the transition.

Gitte has a Master of Science in Business Economics and Auditing from CBS and a Master of Science in Agricultural Science from KU LIFE (KVL), and has an international background in the consulting industry from Arthur Andersen and Deloitte. Gitte has also conducted research in plant nutrition and plant biochemistry in tropical plant species.

Katja Feldstein


Katja is Co-owner and Partner in Keepers ApS and Keepers IT ApS. 

Katja has a Master of Science in Business Economics and Auditing from CBS and began her career as an entrepreneur at Egsgaard & Feldstein within accounting, after which she developed a strong profile at Deloitte as a project manager, controller, finance, and accounting manager in a broad range of companies.

Andreas Østergaard Borris


Andreas is the CEO & Founder of Keepers ApS, CFO services and Keepers IT ApS. He has a background from Deloitte and has a Master of Science in Business Economics and Finance. 


Gitte Haar

Co-founder & CEO

Katja Feldstein

Co-founder & Partner

Andreas Østergaard Borris

Co-founder & Partner

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