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Onboarding ESG & Identifying scope

  • Engage management Workshop or Course
  • Understanding the Green and Circular Transition and ESG
  • Introduction to methods, value chain and ESG materiality

Prioritizing & Assessing

  • Prioritizing Targets, Actions and resources Workshop or Course
  • Describe and confirm value chain
  • Materiality Assessment
  • Gab analysis on maturity
  • First draft of Sustainability Roadmap to allocate resources and responsible

Data Mapping

  • Identifying ESG data areas based on gap analysis
  • Mapping to primary data points
  • Collecting and connecting data
  • Preparing Due Diligence on vendor input
  • Workshop on data map validation

ESG Dashboard

  • Build KPI and benchmarking framework
  • Link to primary data point in ERP / HR system
  • Link to primary consumption data
  • Link to LCA / Scope 3 data
  • Vendor Due Diligence


  • Designing Standard Reports
  • Integrating to internal management reports
  • External Reports for chosen Reporting standard (SBTi, GRI, UNGC, etc.)


  • Confirming Targets, Actions, Policies and allocate Resources
  • Delegating actions and targets to Project Owner or Project Manager
  • Timeline: Targets, Actions, Data collections and baselines.

Platform Overview

Our platform steps into the technological future by offering tools specifically crafted to enhance your ESG reporting processes, maximize productivity, and safeguard your valuable data. Regardless of your industry, be it retail, finance, or healthcare, Tracies creates a technological environment that seamlessly integrates your ESG operational needs with sophisticated, digital solutions.

Value Chain
  • Links to ESRS Standards​
  • Valuate and Modify Value Chain​
  • Identify ESG Impacts​
  • Approve Company Specific Value Chain​
Double Materiality
  • Identifying Business Risks and Oppunities​
  • Gap Analysis (EFRAG)​
  • Prioritizing and Aligning Areas of Attention Based on Financial and ESG Impacts​
  • Informed Data Based Decision-Making​
  • Audit-trail, transparency and reconcilable (mapping of data points)​
  • Identification & collection of datya points (Consumption)​
  • Online Interface in Scope 1 + 2 + 3​
  • Reporting – Internal and External​
  • Work Tool​
  • Industry Benchmarks​
  • Vendor Due Diligence​
  • Customer-specific configuration of the dashboard​
Sustainability Road Map
  • Communication Tools​​
  • Integration with ESG/SDG
  • Policies, objectives, action plans, and resource allocation​
  • Identifying & Mapping ESG Strategy
  • Baseline
  • Progress & Resources Management​
Project Management Tools
  • Reducing climate impacts in scope 1 & 2​
  • Transforming to a Circular Business Model in scope 3​


Climate Change


Water & Marine Ressources

Biodiversity & Ecosystems

Resource Use & Circularity


Own Workforce

Value Chain Workforce

Affected Communities


Governance and Risk Management

Business Conduct


Gitte Haar

Co-founder & CEO

Katja Feldstein

Co-founder & Partner

Andreas Østergaard Borris

Co-founder & Partner

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