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Why is ESG on the agenda?

and what does an ESG Controller do?



In a world where sustainability, social justice, and corporate ethics play an increasingly important role – not least due to legislation in the field – there is growing attention around ESG – Environmental, Social, and Governance. But what does it actually entail for companies? The answer can be found, among other things, in the role of an ESG Controller.
An ESG Controller is responsible for monitoring and managing an organization’s activities and performance in these three key areas. An ESG Controller ensures data collection and analysis for reporting, provides guidance, and ensures that the company complies with all relevant laws and regulations, develops internal policies, engages with stakeholders, and assesses potential risks. License to operate – that’s why the ESG Controller is a crucial player. ESG controlling is a ‘license to operate,’ and it applies not only to companies subject to legal reporting requirements in these areas but also to smaller companies that must meet ever-increasing requirements as suppliers. Performance on ESG has become an important factor for investors who view sustainability and social responsibility as indicators of a healthy company. Moreover, there is growing pressure from both consumers and employees who expect companies to take active responsibility for their impact on the world. This makes ESG one of the most important topics for CFOs and their companies, which is why our extensive knowledge of the finance function is a crucial element when sustainability reporting is to be realized. Finally, an effective ESG strategy can lead to cost reductions through improved efficiency and resource utilization.

ESG Controller as an interim resource

Many companies have not yet fully identified the extent of the need for ESG controlling. And we know that navigating the complex landscape of ESG requirements and expectations can be a challenge. Therefore, we now offer a dedicated ESG Controller service that can help your company meet these standards to the extent needed. We follow market trends and ensure compliance with applicable legislation, making it possible for us to act as a professional partner in the field. We can help identify and prioritize new initiatives in sustainability and responsibility.

Our Service Levels

We are proud to offer ESG Controlling at three levels: ASSISTANT ESG CONTROLLER
        • Collect, analyze, and verify ESG data for annual reporting.
        • Reconciliation of data against ERP systems.
        • Identify and calculate KPIs, as well as follow-up on them.
        • Assistance with ESG reporting.
        • Collect, analyze, and verify ESG data for annual reporting.
        • Controlling and validating data input.
        • Reconciliation with ERP systems.
        • Data analysis, ensuring audit trails and completeness.
        • Assistance with ESG reporting.
        • Support with digital solutions that enhance efficient data collection and ensure a strong control environment.
        • Ensure that the collected sustainability information becomes easier to analyze and integrate into various reporting frameworks and platforms
        • Ongoing monitoring of ESG reporting requirements and processes.
      • Ensure ongoing monitoring and implementation of new regulations in the field.
      • Value chain analysis and double materiality analysis.
      • Controlling, validating, and benchmarking data input.
      • Reconciliation with ERP systems.
      • Development and implementation of tools and processes for ESG data management.
      • Establishment and review of ESG reporting, including ESG reporting processes.
      • Optimization of best practices for reporting.
      • Task management and project management, e.g., for initiatives related to compliance with CSRD, CSDD, and other EU legislation.
      • Building governance for sustainability, data management, and reporting.
      • Ensure that the collected sustainability information becomes easier to analyze and integrate into various reporting frameworks and platforms.

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Tracie is the result of a unique collaboration between Keepers and the Center for Circular Economy.

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In today’s rapidly changing business landscape, Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) considerations have become increasingly important for companies worldwide. ESG encompasses a broad range of factors, including a company’s impact on the environment, its treatment of employees and communities, and its governance practices.

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